BULLEREI , Hamburg

In spring 2010 Freddy had to face a big challenge in Hamburg. After the visit of Patrick and Tim, the two owners of the famous Bullerei restaurant in Hamburg, at our exhibition at the stilwerk – it was obvious: Freddys work would fit perfectly into their premises. It would just have to measure up to the generous dining area and the huge concrete wall.

They decided on a minimum size of 3 x 5 meters!

Regarding Freddys capacities of her studio and her tattered back – it seemed to be an almost unsolvable project. As a consequence Freddy came up with the idea to serve the work in three pieces.

In BULL in ER and in EI.

The painting is to be found at Lagerst. 34b in the diverse quarter “Schanzenviertel” in Hamburg. Freddy donates 10% of the revenue to the charitable organisation called “Mädchentreff Schanzenviertel e. V.”, which supports socially unpriviliged girls and young women.

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