Freddy Reitz lived between Germany and the US throughout her childhood and took a keen interest in the constant exposure of art whilst moving around due to her father‘s career. After school Reitz studied communication and advertising, studied in Hamburg and worked for Saatchi&Saatchi – still yearning to make art.

After the birth of her first daughter she quit her job and began painting. Working tenaciously she produced a number of paintings, was quickly noticed and sold out her first two exhibitions. She had her international breakthrough with her Berlin – Series in 2002, when she exhibited at the re-opening of the „Brandenburger Tor“.

Her move to Berlin and living with the everyday effects of Berlin‘s political history had a significant influence on Reitz. This is evident in much of her paintings, which often comment the „heavy hand of politics“, civil injustices and global issues that affect our day to day lives.

Style: Correspondent Art

Correspondent Art initiates a communicative connection between object and viewer. The visual contents project his or her personality regarding consumerism and social characteristics. The association with the object is very direct, often ambiguous, the presentment intentionally striking.